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Working for an academic institution can be a rewarding and life-changing experience. We may have an open position within one of our offices or departments that could be the perfect fit for you. DSU为员工提供各种福利.


DSU支付个人或家庭健康保险. This begins the first day 在你入职后的第一个月. 你必须参加健康保险 within 31 days of your hire date to receive a waiver of an existing medical condition. Group hospital, surgical, medical protection and prescription coverage are provided.


DSU支付基本的人寿保险费用. 报道从第一天开始 入职后一个月. 学校提供7000美元的定期保险. You may buy additional term life insurance for yourself, your spouse, and dependents.

Learn more about life insurance

If desired, cancer, intensive care, and short-term disability insurance are available 通过工资扣除给你. 保险范围从下个月的第一天开始 your employment date.

If desired, dental coverage is available for you and your family through payroll deduction. This begins the first day 在你入职后的第一个月.


If desired, vision coverage is available for you and your family through payroll deduction. This begins the first day 在你入职后的第一个月.


DSU pays for long-term disability insurance coverage upon your employment. The insurance provides income (60-70% of annual salary up to a maximum of $10,000 per month) for 残疾持续六个月或更长时间. 收入将因其他残疾而减少 payments.

*Administrators and Staff Only

DSU pays for long-term disability insurance coverage upon your employment. The insurance provides income (25% of final average salary) for disabilities lasting 12 months or longer. 其他残疾补助不会减少收入.


DSU pays for workforce safety insurance coverage upon employment. The insurance provides compensation for job related injury or death and medical expense coverage for job related injury or illness. 



After at least 12 months of employment, you are allowed unpaid leave with health insurance coverage continued by DSU for:

  • absences for birth
  • 收养:对儿童的收养或寄养
  • for the serious health condition of you, your spouse, child, or parent


After at least six months of continuous employment and exhausting all applicable paid time off, staff and faculty on 12-month appointments may receive donated leave. Co-workers and donate this leave if the employee meets the criteria and is approved by the administration.


Upon employment, DSU provides paid time off for jury duty assignments.


Upon employment, DSU provides paid time off for the first 20 days of annual military duty.



Years of Service



0 - 3



4 - 7



8 - 12



13 - 18



Over 18



Learn more about annual leave for administrators and staff with HR Policy 6

Upon employment, DSU provides sick leave that accrues at a rate of 8 hours/month, 12 days/year with no limit. 每个日历年最多可使用80小时的假期 for dependents.

Learn more about sick leave for administrators and staff with HR Policy 7

Upon employment, DSU provides paid sick leave for occasional absences or for an extended illness.


Upon employment, DSU provides up to 24 hours of paid leave for a death in the employee or spouse’s immediate family.


Upon employment, DSU provides 10 paid holidays including: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, 退伍军人节,感恩节和圣诞节. 此外,办公室中午关门 星期一到星期四是平安夜.



就业后,DSU提供短期咨询服务. This is to assist you 和你的合格家属处理个人问题. All assistance is confidential.


Upon employment, DSU provides free access for you and your family to Wellness Program events. A health club membership credit is available through DSU’s group health insurance coverage.


Education Support

DSU provides a tuition waiver for three classes per calendar year.

DSU provides tuition waiver(s) for benefited employees with supervisor approval. For 更多信息,请浏览 policy 并在HCM系统中找到学费减免申请表. It can be found within Employee Self Service, choose the DSU tile and then DSU Employee Forms. If assistance ,请联系人力资源部.


When you start your job with us, with qualifying documentation, we provide full tuition 豁免您的配偶和家属就读DSU. You are responsible for fees.


就业后,DSU将匹配你的贡献3.5%, 4%, or 5% (depending on (受雇年数)以7的比率计算.5%, 12.5%, or 13%. 贡献是既得和归属的 从DSU开始制作的那一天起.


Administrators and Staff Only

就业后,DSU贡献12.你把工资的3%捐给 公务员退休计划. 你的退休福利是根据工作年限计算的, final average salary, and the benefit multiplier as established by the North Dakota Legislature.


Upon employment, DSU contributes to retirement benefits you receive at age 65, 66 或者67岁,取决于你的出生日期.


If desired, you can make pre-tax contributions into investments with eligible providers upon employment.


Other Benefits

Upon your employment, DSU pays administrative costs for a flex comp plan. This allows you to pay certain eligible expenses with dollars you contribute before payroll taxes are deducted. These expenses include certain insurance premiums and medical and dependent care expenses.

出示您的DSU ID授权您使用Stoxen库.

As a DSU employee, you and your immediate family have free admission to many university events. These include most athletic events, fine arts events, performances, conferences, and symposia.

You can choose to participate in the following through payroll deductions: DSU Heritage Foundation donations, North Dakota United dues and United Way donations.

就业后,您可以使用您的凭证访问 Inside NDUS 以查阅该局雇员所获的折扣一览表.

北达科他州州政府雇员委员会网站 提供全州和城市特定折扣的链接. They may be subject to change 并由各企业自行决定. 说明你是政府雇员 at the time of order or appointment to receive the discount and be prepared that you may need to show your state issued ID (DSU ID card) and/or provide your state issued email address.

North Dakota University system uses Experian Verify through a secure online portal 提供就业和收入证明. 如果您是现雇员,请填写 访问员工信息表 here 在SharePoint上(必须登录).

Visit www.experianverify.com 登录或注册为验证者.

If you are registering for the first time, please select the “Commercial Verifier” 选择并继续我们的注册过程. 你将有资格确保 you have a permissible purpose for accessing our employee’s information. If you already have an account, simply sign-in.

You will need the following information to request a Verification:

  • Employee Social Security Number
  • Employee’s Full Name
  • Name of Employer
  • 签署的授权书(如要求收入)